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A regular pet bathing routine is an essential part of maintaining your pet's overall health and wellness; a healthy skin and coat is the result of optimal nutrition and is enhanced by proper grooming hygiene. Yes, this includes our feline friends too! Meowww. All For Paws offer a wide range of special products to accommodate your pet's needs including hypo-allergenic and medicated products. Our spa products will help soothe and restore their coat to its natural beauty. 


Our unique boutique layout allows clients to view their pets

throughout the styling process, ensuring the top quality service that pampered pets and their parents expect and deserve. Or better yet, grab a bakery or frozen yogurt from our neighbors and walk to the beach on Lake Chelan right across the street and we will call you upon completion.  You can also shop for pet toys, treats and accessories for your fur babies in our boutique.




All For Paws Chelan
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